My reasons for entering the University of Michigan's writing minor are rather simple: namely, I wanted a minor, and I deeply value and enjoy writing.  As a transfer student, I am currently completing my junior year at U of M, pursing a bachelor's degree in psychology.  My current career goal is to be a school psychologist in a public school for at risk urban youth-- I plan to attend graduate school at Wayne State University.  Apart from my love for writing, psychology, and working with urban communities, I enjoy traveling, photography, classic rock, live music, and spending time relaxing and exploring with my friends (pictured below).  All the photographs on this blog are my own, apart from those of myself. (Background image-- taken at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto).

A Tasteful Flavour of My Experiences in sweetland's gateway to the writing minor

Take  your time or hurry up: the choice is yours. Whether by accident, on purpose, or some combination of the two: you've stumbled across my e-portfolio responsible for documenting the work I've created during my time in Sweetland's Introduction to the Minor in Writing Gateway Course at the University of Michigan. 


The premise of the course revolved around two central projects.

Each of us took a piece of writing we had previously completed for either an academic assignment or for pleasure, and transformed the piece to first-- cater to a different audience than before-- and then-- completely restructure the piece once more and present it in an entirely new media platform (such as turning a written work to a video or song, ect.).  These two processes were called "Repurposing" and "Remediation", respectively.  The piece of writing I chose to repurpose and remediate was a research paper I'd written my freshmen year for a First Year Seminar course on immigration about part of my own family's immigration story to America.  The paper specifically focused my grandfather's emigration to this country, and included research about statistics and trends of Polish World War II immigrants.  A link to this paper is provided below.

Apart from these two projects, the Minor in Writing Gateway was composed of several smaller writing assignments and excersizes, the most important of those being a three page manifesto where we were given the chance to explain why we choose to write.  As you navigate the tabs above, you will find the final versions to the "Why I Write" assignment, my repurposing project, and my remediation project.  I have also included drafts and other resources involved with the stages of these three projects, as well as a few pieces of writing from other courses during my time as an undergrad.  Enjoy--and don't hesitate to take your time.


Conrad Mahr